Health Care Management

  • More than 500 Million the world over and 60 Million Indians have diabetes.
  • More than 17.3 Million people have died from Cardio vascular diseases in 2006 representing 30% of all global deaths.
  • In 2025 it is estimated there will be 1.56 billion adults living with high blood pressure.
  • There are 7.6 Million deaths reported due to cancer.
  • Why do we find it so hard to take care of our health? Is it lack of self motivation, knowledge or too many commitments?
  • How much extra spending in time and money do we do in our life time due to our low activation levels in managing our health?
  • Will we see better service levels and lower costs in the health care industry ecosystem if we manage our health better?
"To keep the body in good health is a duty...
otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear"

Facilitating Better Access to Doctors

Ranjit's father had to undergo a cataract operation and since he meticulously manages his health and had not visited a hospital in a long a time, he was a bit nervous close to the surgery date. He developed an upset stomach one day before the surgery. “As he did not want to take a risk, we visited a doctor nearby, as we were not aware of any specialists and our family doctor was on vacation. We waited for more than an hour after coming to the clinic and the doctor prescribed a few medicines for 3 days. After the cataract operation was completed, he was unable to pass motion for the next 4 days! We contacted our family doctor and sent him the prescription over email and he indicated that the other doctor had prescribed a very strong dose. He was feeling really weak, as he was unable to eat food for the past few days and in the middle of the night fell off his bed. I admitted him to the hospital and the doctors asked many questions about his health and concluded that he was a diabetic and recommended a battery of tests. My dad was diagnosed with diabetes around 20 years ago but due to his well-maintained diet, exercise and yoga he does not even take half a capsule of glynase. I consulted my family doctor who suggested administering a self-enema kit. I discharged my Dad against the recommendation of the hospital and he was fine the next day after administering the self-enema kit, though he had to take various protein supplements for around a month to regain strength”

The incident made us realize the cumbersome processes involved in the various activities related to health management. When my colleague and I were narrating similar incidences at an alumni meeting, we realized that we were not alone. He indicated that there was an opportunity if we could address these issues and we also realized that this could add a lot of value to all the stakeholders involved.

The genesis of Hygeia arose in order to be the change agent, by providing technology solutions, for enabling end to end cohesive health care and thereby make a difference in the lives of people. myHealthValet, our first app is positioned initially towards patients/users in the areas of Paediatrics, Cardiology, Diabetes, Geriatrics and Oncology.

Touching the health of people

myHealthValet is positioned as an interactive platform (supported by a mobile app) for self-management of health. It brings together effective tracking and monitoring as well as a patient centric ecosystem thereby enabling end to end cohesive health care.

The adoption of e-m health, cloud computing, social networks and data analytics presents value in support of the primary goals driving health care change viz., lowering costs, improving outcomes and increasing access. myHealthValet is designed with the following features.
  • Holistic healthcare management at a click.
  • Providing empowerment and better patient care.
  • Regular monitoring leading to preventive proactive management.
  • Facilitating better access to doctors and compliance of medicines.
  • Physician-patient, physician-physician and patient-patient interaction, information exchange and community building.
  • Comparison and ratings of doctors and health care service providers.
  • Continuing the tradition of caring for elders using modern tools.
  • Providing meaningful data to all stakeholders to analyse and predict personalized treatments leading to better outcomes.
  • Touching the health of people through technology absorption and adoption.

Patient Centric Ecosystem

myHealthValet acts as a tool to ensure that the medicines are consumed at the right time, in correct dosage and helps in completing the course of medicines. This also facilitates the patients to fix up appointment with the consultants in a hassle free manner and eliminates/reduces the waiting period at the hospital. The app provides the ability to maintain and access health records (Electronic Health Records) and access health related information to understand and research conditions as well as predict disease patterns based on studying the underlying trends and data collected from patients. The app empowers the patients by providing the capability to communicate with doctors and hospitals, compare cost of across doctors and view doctor ratings & reviews by peers.

The app enables real-time, anytime, anywhere access to patient information, access to medical information databases and provides them the ability to monitor their patients better. The app enhances better patient-doctor interaction and personalised treatment and service. The application facilitates the patient thereby enhancing the effectiveness and better patient based outcomes using diagnostic decision support information delivered through mobile. The app allows doctor-doctor collaboration resulting in better patient care leading to higher revenue potential. In addition, the doctors have a clear view of their calendar and hence can better manage their schedule.

Healthcare Providers
The app ensures that the data is standardized as a result of which there is greater insight into the patients’ details and condition. This helps the healthcare provider to formulate programs that are proactive and preventive in nature rather than being reactive. In addition, the Healthcare provider can understand the effectivenss of different interventions and establish behaviour patterns in patient populations enabling highly personalised healthcare services resulting in greater and more effective enagagement with patients. The app also takes care of lowering costs and establishing real-time interactive communication with patients. The app can be later extended to treat patients at home, monitor post-operative patients and manage patients with other chronic conditions.

Comparison and Rating of Doctors

Our Team
Gowtham Raj ViswanathanDirector (Technology & Product Development)
Over 15 years of experience in Banking, Brokerage & IT in India, Middle East and South East Asia. He has also been involved in institutionalizing Governance models with exposure to Organizational Restructuring & BPR. Gowtham has a B.Tech from Anna University & is an IIMA alumnus. Gowtham spends his leisure time entertaining his two little angels and besides that has a developed an interest to understand the evolution of homo sapiens.

Ranjit KovilinkalDirector (Business Development & Investment)
Over 16 years of corporate, teaching & entrepreneurial experience in India, Middle East & Singapore. He is a mentor at CIIE and NEN. He was responsible for the successful signing of the Term Sheet for a renewable energy co. He also exited his stake from an Internet venture. He is a CEG & IIMA alumnus and is currently pursuing a PG in Psychotherapy. Ranjit loves the outdoors, is an avid sportsman and has had currently developed an interest in Digital Marketing.

Venkat NarayanannChief Strategy Officer
A Chartered Accountant with 30+ years of experience in corporate financial management, management consulting and professional practice. He has value added to clients in Manufacturing, Trading, Services and Information Technology- in India, Middle East and the Far East. He has widely traveled and believes firmly that technology ensures a level playing field and the innovator will be the winner.

Dr. P. ShanmugasundaramConsultant (Domain Expert)
Over 12 years of practice and teaching experience as a spine surgeon. He consults various hospitals in Chennai and is our primary consultant. He has an M.S. in Orthopedics.
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"
- Mahatma Gandhi

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